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You do not have to have an existing account with Paypal (you may check out as a "Guest") but if, for any reason, you would prefer not to use Paypal to pay for your DVDs, you may instead print out the order form below and send a check or money order to the address listed on it (USA orders only - sorry but we cannot accept foreign checks.)

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International Orders

US Postage to other countries is very high therefore we would like you to first seriously consider one of our HD Downloads - No Postage, No Import Duty, and it's almost Instant. Plus we have a TEST DOWNLOAD you can try for FREE. Still interested in a DVD? Email us and we'll give you several options to help save shipping costs.

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Return Policy

Please understand that our DVDs are NOT traditional travel videos. They are Virtual Experience Videos which attempt to give the viewer a "like being there" experience. They have no narrator and no music, just the actual natural sounds you'd hear if you were walking in that location. Exception: The new River Cruise DVD Series only have Stereo music tracks.

Because our DVDs are not traditional travel videos, we ask before ordering your first DVD from us, that you watch the online video clip from that DVD. If after watching the online video, you're not completely sure our Virtual Experience DVDs are what you're looking for, why not order just one DVD to see how you like our product? You can always order more DVDs later (and over 60% of our customers do come back to order more DVDs!) Please do not order multiple DVDs as your first order unless you are certain that you understand what to expect from our unique DVDs.

Our DVDs are filmed with professional state-of-the-art High Definition Television cameras (US Standard - NTSC), edited on state-of-the-art editing systems, and duplicated and then TESTED on professional equipment to the highest standards. Our DVDs are in Standard Definition (most are in widescreen) and encoded for Regions 1, 2, and 4. All of our Downloads are in 720P High Definition.

RETURN POLICY: If you order one DVD and you find that it is not everything we've promised, we will be happy to accept the return and refund your payment in full. Sorry but we can not accept more than one returned DVD from a customer.

DEFECTIVE DVDS: OF COURSE we will replace any DVD that is defective. We do use automated testing and verification of every DVD before it is shipped so our replacement rate is extremely, extremely low. You can be assured that your DVD will play in your DVD player.

How Fast Do We Ship?

Short Answer: Almost Instantly!

We usually ship your order within one to three hours of receiving your payment. Normally we make a delivery to the Post Office around 3:00 PM daily. Usually, if we receive your payment by 2:00 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM on Saturday, your order will be in the mail that same day.

And we always ship one, two or three DVDs via FIRST CLASS MAIL. Four or more DVDs are always shipped via PRIORITY MAIL.

We always notify you by email that we have received your order and when it will be shipped.


Please ensure that the SHIPPING ADDRESS you have on file with Paypal is STILL YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS and also that the email address you have registered with Paypal is your CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS,.

You might be surprised at how often people move but don't update their mailing address on sites like Paypal.

If in any doubt, please just immediately send us an email with your current SHIPPING ADDRESS - we'll use the updated address instead of the one on Paypal.

How Fast Are Your Walks?

Most of our DVDs which are listed as "Virtual Walks" were recorded at 2.5 to 3 miles per hour. Of course, when walking on your treadmill you don't have to match the recorded speed exactly - you may walk slightly faster or slower than the walk was recorded without any problems.

Because many of our customers asked for faster paced walks, we have a new series of DVDs called, "Virtual Jogs and Bike Rides" which are recorded at approximately 10 to 12 miles per hour. Currently, we have 12 different Virtual Jogs and Bike Rides. More are planned.

We should state, of course, that before beginning any new exercise regime, you should consult with your physician.

I Don't Have a Treadmill...

Although these Virtual Walk and Bike Ride DVDs were primarily designed for people to use while exercising, other customers have purchased our DVDs to either re-live past trips or as a way to introduce themselves to a locale of a future visit. These customers tell us that our Virtual Experience DVDs give them a perspective that traditional travel DVDs could never create.

In particular, our Cotswold Village Virtual Walk DVDs, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, are possibly the only DVDs available which give a detailed view of 14 beautiful Cotswold Villages.

And a few of our Virtual Experience DVDs also contain a "Bonus Chapter," running from 4 to 15 minutes in length, which is more closely aligned with a traditional travel video. Set to beautiful music, these "Bonus Chapters" focus on the area of the virtual walk in a more traditional way.

Plus our new River Cruise Series is specifically designed to be viewed without exercise equipment.