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... Rome, London, Paris, Florence, Cairo, Venice, Istanbul, or any of our over 50 different world locales. Your time spent exercising will "fly by." Begin by picking a category from the choices below.

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Take one-hour Nature Walks in eleven different locations. CLICK HERE for the complete list.


Take one-hour Virtual Walks in eight beautiful Italian locations. CLICK HERE for our videos filmed in Italy.


Take one-hour Virtual Walks in seven historic British locations. CLICK HERE for our videos filmed in England.


Take one-hour Virtual Walks in eight scenic American locations. CLICK HERE for our videos filmed in the USA.


Take one-hour Virtual Jogs & Bike Rides in 12 world locations. CLICK HERE to see all the Jog/Bike videos.


Take one-hour Virtual Walks in two beautiful Ireland locations. CLICK HERE to see all the Irish videos.


Take one-hour Virtual Walks in three Exotic locations. CLICK HERE to see all the Exotic locations.


Take one-hour Virtual Walks in two beautiful French locations plus a Cruise. CLICK HERE to see the French videos.




Take one-hour Virtual Walks on four islands. CLICK HERE to see all the videos filmed on islands.


Take a one-hour Virtual Walk in Canada's old Quebec City. CLICK HERE to see this video.



Where in the world would you like to exercise on your Treadmill, Nordic Track, Elliptical, or even an Indoor Bike?

How about Rome, London, Cairo, Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Ireland, Hawaii, the Isle of Capri, Scotland, or England's Cotswold Villages?

With VITA DVDs, you'll exercise longer and enjoy every minute! One customer wrote, "For once, 1 hour of exercise was enjoyable and I never looked at the display board once."

Another customer said, "I actually look forward to exercising while watching VITA DVDs."

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Our Treadmill Virtual Walks

VITA Digital Productions is the world's leading producer of Virtual Experience Videos which are available as both DVDs and High Definition Downloads.

VITA Digital Productions produces an extensive series of sixty Virtual Walks, Virtual Jogs, Virtual Bike Rides, and Virtual Cruises primarily designed for use while exercising on treadmills, Nordic Tracks, ellipticals, indoor bikes, and other exercise equipment. Customers tell us that these Virtual Experience DVDs and HD Downloads actually make the time spent exercising "fly by" and that they exercise longer and enjoy it more than ever before.

A recent blogger raved about our Virtual Experience Videos: "I've ordered lots of their videos: Scotland, Ireland, Egypt, Florida, Hawaii, Italy. And yes, my treadmill time is a lot happier and more exciting now. And interestingly enough, it just seems to fly by because I'm enjoying the virtual scenery so much." To read other customers' comments please click here.

These 60 minute DVDs and HD Downloads, filmed in 1080i High Definition with camera stabilization equipment, allow viewers to experience all the beauty and history of international locations like Egypt, Venice, Rome, the Isle of Capri, Burano, Ancient Pompeii, Amalfi, Ravello, Paris, Athens, the Greek Isles, Istanbul, London, Ireland, Scotland, and the Cotswolds, along with locations in North America such as walks in Nova Scotia, Maine, Florida, California, and North Carolina.

VITA Digital Productions is gratified that our Virtual Walk Scenery Videos have been licensed and are being utilized in rehabilitation facilities around the world. Our High Definition Virtual Walk Scenery Videos are also being used in cutting edge medical equipment that help neurorecovery patients gain the ability to walk again.

Our Cycling Scenery Videos

And for customers who have requested faster-paced Virtual Experience Videos, VITA Digital Productions has an extensive and ever growing catalog of "Virtual Jog" and "Virtual Bike Ride" DVDs and HD Downloads filmed in Ireland, Scotland, Canada, the Acadia Park in Maine, the Hollywood Hills, the Natchez Trace, and Florida. Even more Virtual Jogs and Virtual Bike Ride DVDs have been filmed and those videos will be released over the next 18 months.

VITA Digital Productions' mission is to continue to explore the realm of Virtual Experience Videos.

Our Virtual Cruise Videos

In addition to Virtual Walks, Jogs, and Bike Rides, VITA Digital Productions also has filmed a series of "Virtual Cruises" on the Nile, the Seine, the Danube, the Thames Rivers, and even through the Louisiana swamps and bayous. The "Virtual Cruises" DVDs and HD Downloads have begun to be released and more will follow over the coming months.

Currently, we have released the Seine River Virtual Cruise in Paris. Accompanied by light classical music, this 60 minute video captures the cruise in both day and night.

Our Stock Footage Clients

VITA Digital Productions also films and licenses High Definition Video Footage of Rome, Paris, Cairo, Venice, Athens, Istanbul, London, etc.

You've seen our High Definition video footage used in Documentaries, Movies, Mini-Series, Talk Shows, Soap Operas, and Commercials on the BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, A&E, the History Channel, the Biography Channel, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and even Netflix and Hulu.

In addition, our Stock Footage has even been used in the London Underground, a Museum in the Netherlands, and during a Symphony Orchestra Concert.

While in Europe, Turkey, and Egypt filming our Virtual Walks, Jogs, and Cycling Scenery Videos, we also make time to film tripod High Definition Footage which we license to TV Networks, Motion Picture Studios, and Production Houses in the United States and Europe.

Our High Definition Video footage has been a major part of numerous documentaries such as "Angels & Demons Decoded," a two-hour special which aired first on the History Channel and later on A&E. And Papa John's, among others, has utilized a number of our company's unique Rome Background Plates for a national pizza commercial. Recently, our HD footage of Rome was licensed and used on "Ellen" and another Background Plate of Paris was licensed and used on "The Young and the Restless."

The 2 hour History Channel Special, "Life After People," included our footage of the Coliseum. The NBC soap opera, "Passions," utilized our Rome footage in over 60 episodes as establishing shots for their subplot, "Vendetta." ABC's "Good Morning America" used our Amalfi footage for a feature about "Romantic Getaways," and our footage of the Egyptian Obelisk in St. Peter's Square was featured on the 2 hour History Channel "Mega-Movers." The Canadian Broadcasting Company used our footage of Luxor in an episode of their long running series "The Nature of Things."

VITA Digital Productions supplied all of the 1080 High Definition footage of Rome, St. Peter's Square, the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Bernini's statues on the Ponte Sant'Angelo, and numerous other sites and statues that factor in Dan Brown's book for the History Channel's two-hour documentary, "Angels & Demons: Decoded."

We also supplied the majority of the Rome footage in the 90 minute documentary, "Illuminating Angels & Demons," shown on both the History Channel and A&E. This Documentary is available for viewing on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

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Our Travel Blogs

For the past 20 years VITA Digital Productions has traveled the world filming our Virtual Experience Videos and High Definition Stock Footage and during those two decades we've had many experiences - most were good but a few... well, we learned important life lessons. And during those 20 years we've seen the world of travel change.

Italy, June 1999 - Our First Trip To Italy Together. An account of our trip to Italy on Globus' 13 day Italian Mosaic Tour and the incredible people, sites, and experiences while there.

Venice, April 2001 - Our First Filming Trip for VITA Digital Productions. An account of our first filming trip to beautiful Venice while staying in a hotel overlooking the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge.

Rome - La Dolce Vita! June 2005 - Part 1 of a three week filming trip to Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Viterbo. In this installment we discuss the joys and problems of filming in the Eternal City - romantic Roma.

Ravello - An Amalfi Coast Jewel, June 2005 - Part 2 of a three week filming trip to Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Viterbo. This time, using Sorrento as our base, we travel to Ravello, a beautiful "off-the-beaten-track" Amalfi Coast village and film a walk down the side of the mountain to the small seaside village of Atrani.

The Timeless Cotswolds, September 2006 - An account of our first visit to England's Cotswold Villages and filming in 10 timeless English villages.

Egypt - "Yes, Wonderful Things." January 2008 - Part 1 of an account of two weeks filming in Egypt in January of 2008. We explore the Pyramids, numerous Egyptian Temples, and even experience a sunrise Balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings.

Nile Cruise - Once In A Lifetime, January 2008 - Part 2 of an account of two weeks filming in Egypt in January of 2008. This time we experience a one week cruise on the Nile and visit more Egyptian Temples and discover the kindness of the Egyptian people.

Greek Isles Cruise - 2010, November 2010 - Part 2 of a three week filming trip to Venice, the Greek Isles, Istanbul, Pompeii, Rome, and Florence. In this installment, we film in Athens, Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini, and Istanbul.

A Week In Romantic Provence, September 2015 - Part 1 of a three week filming trip to Provence, the French and Italian Rivieras, and Tuscany. In this installment, we experience the French TGV high-speed rail service and explore seven villages in the south of France.

Cinque Terre - Italy's String Of Pearls, September 2015 - Part 2 of a three week filming trip to Provence, the French and Italian Rivieras, and Tuscany. This time we film in five cliffside villages that make up Italy's Cinque Terre and visit Lucca, the birthplace of composer Giacomo Puccini and explore its Renaissance-era city walls and streets.

London - Hope And Glory, September 2017 - Part 1 of an account of our month long filming trip to London, the Cotswolds, Devon, and Cornwall. In this installment we spend five days filming and experiencing London.

Gloucestershire And The Cotswolds, September 2017 - Part 2 of an account of our month long filming trip to London, the Cotswolds, Devon, and Cornwall in September of 2017.

Our Travel Blog with two decades of travel journals going back to 1999 and our first trip to Italy along with hundreds of color photos to view. Please click here to see our Travel Blog.